By Laws

Board of Trustees:

President: Terry Raskyn
Vice President: Ginger Lefurgy
Treasurer: Leslie Martin
Secretary: Marilyn Power
Trustee: Cori Madrid
Trustee: Jodi Carlson
Interim Trustee: Tom Pendelton
Interim Trustee: Joseph Ferraro

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2023 Board of Trustees Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes Archive

Upcoming Board of Trustees Meeting 2023
Location: Community Room
Time: 7 PM

2/7/23 Special Meeting
2/21/23 Postponed. To be rescheduled.
2/22/23 Agenda
3/20/23 Agenda
4/12/23 Special Meeting  Agenda
4/17/23 Agenda
5/16/23 Agenda
5/31/23  Special Meeting Agenda
6/12/23 Cancelled and Re-scheduled for 6/26/23
6/26/23 Agenda
7/17/23 Agenda
7/26/23 Special Meeting Agenda

8/21/23 Agenda
9/18/23 Agenda


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