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"Restore Library Aid Funding in the FY14-15 Budget

State library aid is now at 1997 levels, and $20M less than state Education Law mandates. Libraries are a core piece of our state’s educational system, yet in a year where education funding increased 3.8%, library funding suffered a 4.7% reduction. Merely restoring the $4M cut by Governor Cuomo still leaves library funding drastically short of the $102M mandated in education law, and reverses years of progress towards full funding. Despite the talents and dedication of librarians across the state, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide 21st century libraries with 20th century funding.

Contact your elected representatives and tell them you support funding for libraries - take action NOW!"

"It takes less than two minutes to send your message supporting NY's Libraries via NYLA's Online Advocacy Center.

NYLA provides you with a quick and easy means of showing your support. Follow the link, click on ‘Take Action’, edit the supplied advocacy message as you like, enter your name and address, and hit ‘send message’. Your message will automatically be delivered to your NYS Senator and Assemblymember." cms/ review.html?Action=CMS_Document &DocID=58&MenuKey=advocacy
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